Saturday, October 16, 2010

whole lotta post punk goin on

Just checked out italian post punk band father murphy, pretty good and once again it is refreshing when people take infuluences the right way. so way too go father murphy my pick of the day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I can not say enough about the group electrelane, they do droning kraut rock grooves like no other. one of the most consistent bands ever. here are two of my favs, first song good for the late night creep. the second i love to wake up too.

charles wright alright!

this whole band is perfect......

all around the globe

I was thinking about world music the other day. after discovering stuff on alan bishop's sublime frequencies label. great stuff from all over the world. here is a sampling of world stuff i like.

young people

I could never describe how amazing all three of their albums are. i wish they were still playing together.

talk about party in your pocket

this little motherfucker here, would ensure your were the hit of the fucking party!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

from the depths of the murky mind

Around 98 -99 it was a pretty dark time for me, inside the hallowed hall of my head, lurked a brain proned for a psychosis. headed for another fuckin psyche ward felt it coming a mile away everytime, a runaway bitch of train that i could not stop from derailing. please god, buddha , allah whatever somebody help me. here in this cloudy horrible excuse for a mind their is a stimulis center. when i here music either lyrically or musically my brain all of the sudden would burst open and come alive. i would seriously almost snap out of it for the length of song or album. here are a couple of my faves from that time that made me think countless others have felt this too.